Poem for all Time for All Lovers Everywhere and Anywhere in this World or any World, Alive or Dead, in Memory or Forgotten, to Come or Has Been or Never Will Be by Iseult Healy

This is dedicated to YOU, whoever you are

Will thou seek my maiden flower
Water it with thine love juice
Gild the lilies of my mouth
Tie me tight to seduce

Wilst thou hand me thine cock
Enwrought in gold and silver sock
In the dim and the dark light
Of night after night after night

But oh Danny Boy, your pipes
Your pipes are calling me
From down below and
Down your mountainside

But the question is to be or
Not to be my own true love
With white cooing doves adorning
Thine glistening treasure trove

But rock me gently, rock me slowly
In the arms of your manly embrace
In the heat of the moonlit night
My virginity you manly chase

Let’s prayest all’s well that ends well
And we have made lemonade with our lemons
And there’s a silver lining to any cloud
And you have not left with tail between your legs

But if thunderous threatening dark Heathcliffian clouds
Hang o’er my vales and hills
Then no monosaccharidian utterance will forbear
The tearing of limb and hair

Though you jirble your golden whiskey
Experience curglaff in thine bathing
Be a beef-witted spermologer and
Prize-winning queerplunger

Do not forsake me oh my darling
E’een thou I be with squirrel
I am truly a pure white zafty
Oh take me now in a pussyvan!

Jirble – splash
Curglaff – reaction to cold water on body
Spermologer – somebody who loves to gossip the latest
Queerplunger – old Victorian habit of a guy pretending to be in distress in water, a ‘passerby’ comes to his rescue and both drenched they to go an alms or charity house, are fed, dressed and given money and off they go to the next gig!
Zafty – person very easily imposed upon
Pussyvan – temper

Iseult Healy is published in several journals including USA, Mexico, and Ireland. Also Shortlisted Galway Hospital Trust Poetry Competition 2015.

She is a member of Ox Mountain Poets and A New Ulster groups, and loves Kevin Higgins’ Over the Edge international online poetry workshops.