Cocktails, by Laura Liptrot

Life is like the cocktails
I buy on a Saturday night:
Sometimes dark and heavy,
Sometimes mild and light.

Sometimes it’s cherries: sharp and sour
Other times it’s happy hour.
It’s juicy lemons and zesty lime,
It’s strong like vodka all the time.
Sometimes it’s a gin blush,
Raspberries and apples lush!
Sweet elderflowers; cool crushed ice,
Sometimes life is really nice.
Often it’s a tropic storm,
Deep like rum and tasting warm
Fruity, spicy, wild and good,
You do what you like, and not what you should.
Sometimes you are feeling blue.
Sometimes you just shout ‘woo woo!’
Like cranberries you’re full of fire,
And want to climb up even higher.
Let’s have a party! Come on chaps!
Let’s go wild on peach schnapps!

I know this is a silly rhyme,
But that’s what life’s like most of the time!

Laura Liptrot is a budding poet and actress from Stourbridge (West Midlands). She fell in love with verse as a child and in her early 20s finally found the confidence to create her own poetry inspired by the things she loves: nature; colours; mythical creatures; human nature and alcohol!


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