Dora Wright ‘Down in the Woods Today’

If you go down in the woods today
you’re sure of a big surprise
there’s things going on in the woods today
you’ll never believe your eyes,
There’s people parking in their cars
some who’ve stumbled out from bars
come to see the action there
come to see some bodies bare
There’s “dogging” happening everywhere
Down in the woods today.

If you go down to the woods today
its best to go in your car
and take along binoculars
you wont have to travel far
The word goes round they all arrive
who said you shouldn’t drink and drive
they park their cars in open view
so you can share the action too
you should see the things they do
down in the woods today

If you go down to the woods today
you’ll get an education
from one on one, to three at play
and some oral stimulation
There’s even cans of dairy whipped cream
that splatter the windows covered with steam
as “Dogger’s” move from car to car
watching action completely bizarre
underneath the old “Dog Star”
down in the woods today

My name is Dora Wright I’ve been writing for nine years and have had some things published online and in local papers and magazines. I’m a member of three writing groups one of which has begun Open Mic nights which I’m really enjoying participating in.


One thought on “Dora Wright ‘Down in the Woods Today’

  1. Rolf Campbell says

    No idea what all these extra pages that keep jumping up are; but thank you for sharing lass. Was funny the first time I heard it live, but even better with the time to study. Brilliant lass. Hope this gets back to you alright. x


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