Hyperbolic Wishes by Sarah Watkinson

And you, have an amazing weekend too
be stunned as your three-storey extension cracks and falls
shedding that primrose render from its breeze-block walls;
watch the four horsemen churn your stripy lawn
and your yelling kids launch into space from their trampoline.

I hope it’s truly fabulous for you
with lots of harpies at your barbecue,
a whopping leviathan in your swimming pool,
dragons to drop in, turn your burgers black
and incinerate your Range Rover Evoque.

Sarah Watkinson is a lifelong scientist and new poet. Her work has recently been published in magazines including Antiphon, Clear Poetry, Ink Sweat and Tears, Pennine Platform, The Rialto, The Stare’s Nest and Well Versed, and has won several prizes in open competitions.



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