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A week or so ago I wrote a poem –  the first one I’d written for over a year, as it happens. Like most of my poems, it had a vaguely humorous slant, although – initially at least – it didn’t rhyme or have any sort of regular metre. Then I took a look at it and thought that a spot of rhyme and metre wouldn’t actually go amiss, and I came up with something that I felt worked pretty well. I could read that out in one of the local folk clubs where I sometimes bag a floor spot and it would probably get a few laughs.

But first, I thought it would be nice to get it published somewhere. I like having stuff published by someone else, because it means that I’ve managed to smuggle it past a gatekeeper. I know it’s not just me who thinks it has merit.

However, I struggled to think who might publish this one. The late, much-lamented Every Day Poets would certainly have given it consideration. The Pygmy Giant might also have taken a look, but they’re not taking poetry any more. But I couldn’t really think of anyone else.

Round about the same time, I was watching in admiration as Brian Bilston’s Unbound campaign was roaring to its triumphant end and I wondered which poetry magazine might have published his stuff. I’m not claiming any parity of talent, by the way – BB is, quite frankly, a God among poets. The only thing we have remotely in common is that (I think) we both prioritise humour in our work.

At this point, I was going to go off on a rant about how poetry (and, probably, the whole literary establishment) has a problem with humour, but I realised that I was going to end up exposing myself to endless arguments about the nature of comedy (“What about so-and-so? We published a comic poem by him once” “Well, I didn’t think it was funny”) and I had a life to get on with.


TL;DR I’ve set up this new site as a place to publish humorous poetry. Read the guidelines and send me your best stuff. Then tell the whole world about it. This is just the beginning.

Jonathan Pinnock (ed)

12 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor

  1. Simon Williams says

    So needed, this. Anything funny has to be rhymed verse, it seems, or stand-up. Will dig some things up and see if they make you smirk.

  2. Heather Reid says

    Hi Jonathan.
    Lighten up online publish humorous poetry. It’s been running for a few years. I’m sure there’s room for another outlet though.

  3. msjinnifer says

    Great idea. How pure is the funny you’re looking for? Are we talking unalloyed ROFL, or do you include LOL –>Aaargh? Or even LOL–>ooh! ? Thinking here.

    1. admin says

      Very good question and I haven’t a clue what the answer is, apart from I’ll know it when I see it. That probably doesn’t help, does it?


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