Letter from the (Ex) Editor

The crocuses are in bloom, the lambing season is here and Spilling Cocoa is at last emerging from its unintended hibernation. Back at the start of the year, I posted about this site’s imminent closure and asked if there was anyone out there who would consider taking over the editorship. I wasn’t particularly hopeful, but to my surprise and delight, such a person did come forward and I am very pleased to announce that the excellent Robert Garnham will be taking over with immediate effect (pause for round of applause).

So that’s it, basically. Thank you all for your submissions over the last not-quite-a-year. I think we’re building up quite an archive of good stuff here and long may it continue under Robert’s editorship. He’ll be opening up submissions again soon, but I’ll leave it up to him to decide when,Β and also what his editorial policy is going to look like. Exciting times.

Bye all,

Jonathan (ex-editor)


8 thoughts on “Letter from the (Ex) Editor

  1. Ron says

    Thanks for creating and maintaining the page. It was fun. Read a lot of good work. As my dad would say on that rare occasion when he appreciated my having been born…. “ya did good kid”

  2. James Woolf says

    That’s great news. Thanks for everything you did, Jonathan. I still think the name of the website itself is pretty close to genius!

    Good luck to Robert!

  3. Lloth says

    Thank you for creating this space and starting something important. Because smile (even the inner one) is the most important thing after breakfast! πŸ™‚


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