Now, when you’re 60, by Mary Anne Smith

Now, when you’re 60,
you don’t get your pension
but the world (within the UK)
becomes your Oyster card.

Now, you can check the box
for ‘Concessions’ on forms,
and qualify for special rates
on certain dates in certain cafes.

Now, you can make a neat pile
of all of the ‘I’m 60!’ badges
and all but one copy of ‘Now You Are Sixty’
to take to the charity shop.

And now, when you think that life
just can’t get any more exciting,
at the sound of the postman
you fall over your feet
in your new discounted varifocals
only to find an invitation
to send a poo sample for screening
has plopped through your door.

Mary Anne Smith has been writing seriously since 2011, and her work has been shortlisted and commended in both national and international competitions. She has read at events in England, Ireland and Italy, and in 2017 co-developed a poetry and music event for the Wise Words Festival in Canterbury.


4 thoughts on “Now, when you’re 60, by Mary Anne Smith

  1. Maz says

    I was disappointed when I turned 60 not to get the old persons bus pass. Unlike my husband, who has had it for eight years and has used it about twice, I , on the other hand, would use it all the time to give me more freedom, and for nothing. As it stands, I have to wait for two more years ( till I’m 65), but you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll move the goalposts again … Grrrrr !!!!…


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