Sutra, by Eddie Gibbons


I’ve never had casual sex.
No, it’s always been frantic –
in the pantry, in the kitchen,
up in the attic.

But frankly, those antics
had to stop when I reached 60.
Nothing nifty or athletically
tricksy fitted the bill.

The new drill involved
a bucket of pills, creams,
an ocean of lotion just to
get a semblance of motion.

Then I discovered the art
of Tantra. That long-sought-after
calmer sutra.

Goodbye to hectic, hello to Tantric-
two weeks to prepare for a kiss?


Eddie Gibbons has six published poetry collections. 'What They Say About You' was shortlisted for the 'Scottish Poetry Book of the Year', 2011. He was a prize winner in the inaugural 'Edwin Morgan International Poetry Competition', 2008. His latest collection is available here-Roughly Speaking (
Twitter- @1Eddie_Gibbons

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