The Countdown Begins

And we’re almost ready to go. I spent this morning going through submissions and we seem to have a rather splendid and varied programme for you coming up, starting on May 1st. There will be free verse and rhymes, along with a triolet and a villanelle, and the whole spectrum of humour will be explored, including¬†one or two of the dodgier fringes.

The standard of submissions was remarkably high and I had no problem in filling the schedule. It will, of course, be interesting to see if the readership of the site agree with me, and I shall be watching the star ratings with interest.

I hope that all the poets I suggested tweaks to will forgive my impudence. I did feel rather like Robert Webb’s character here at times:

See you all on Sunday.

2 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins

  1. james woolf says

    Can I give a shout out for one of the most original and (I suspect) underrated comic poets of our time, Colin West? I have been reading my daughter poems from his Big Book of Nonsense for the last two or three years, and we are still discovering ones that we’ve never read. The section on tongue twisters is particularly inspired. And no, I’m not Colin West/Colin West’s son/Colin West’s agent etc (and have actually never met him).

    1. admin says

      Great stuff – thanks for that. Wonder if he’s listening? If so, the submissions page is up there ^^^


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