This Season’s Decorator: 10 Tips by Pat Tompkins

I just adore the realness
of dust. Kyrgyzstan never
goes out of style. We always
use fur for holiday meals. You
can’t have too many pearls in
a kitchen. This year’s color is
hand-knotted Turkish carpets.
I simply can’t say enough about
napkin rings. Small pots of chartreuse
enliven any room. Don’t underestimate
the power of vetiver candles. Nothing
personalizes a space like lapis lazuli.
Invest in the very best-quality
curtain rods you can afford.

Pat Tompkins is an editor in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her poems have appeared in Confingo, The A3 Review, bottle rockets, and other publications.


One thought on “This Season’s Decorator: 10 Tips by Pat Tompkins

  1. simon838 says

    Love this. What a great set of tips; I’m going out to buy a pot of chartreuse now and will have The Curtain-Rod Guys in to check the calibre of my finials.


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