Three Poems from Ben Banyard 

Cubs, Do Your Best 

I learned knots

got tongue-tied.


Akela took us orienteering

but I was soon lost.


Cooking on the campfire

my sausages burnt on re-entry.


Promoted to seconder

I was at sixes and sevens.


When I met the chief scout

I had dog shit on my shoe.


Quid Pro Quo


I cashed £100

all in pound coins.


Went and freed

the chain gang:



trolleys at Asda.





I started to think

about how you’re

just like Pi.


Irrational, you


go on and on,


and I don’t really

understand you.
Ben Banyard likes a laugh as much as the next man. His pamphlet, Communing, was published by Indigo Dreams in 2016, and his first full collection, We Are All Lucky is due out in 2018. Ben edits Clear Poetry:


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