Alan Bennett and Me, by Rupert Nevin

I know you’re tired.
But I’m hot wired.
I need to say it.
I’m feeling like – Alan Bennett

These words are wrong.
The story doesn’t hang.
I need to substantially edit.
I’m feeling like Alan Bennett.

I’ve got a typewriter, table and chair.
And – strangely – a bottle of claret.
I’m flat broke
and in need of inspiration;
so I light a cigarette.
Unlike Alan Bennett.

Who doesn’t smoke –
Or at least, not yet.

I imagine casting of actors
and meeting benefactors
who droll at my wisdom and wit.
Such insight.
Hang on – they say:
you’re the next Alan Bennett!

My agent says I have some merit
and some of my dialogue is good.
Yet my last draft was shredded.
She says to keep at it.
Just like Alan Bennett

I’ve taken a preppy look
and bought some glasses
for my evening classes.
You see, I’m forever indebted
to my hero – Alan Bennett.

Rupert Nevin is a writer of pith and occasional pathos, studying for an MA in Creative Writing at York St Johns University.


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