Three Poems from Damian O’Vitch


“To horse you gallant princes, straight to horse.” (Henry V)

No-one knew why he said it

but they knew what it meant

And secretly in each one’s heart

there beat a pride in all they did.

Astride, they curbed the rumbling power

from bungalow to high-rise block

whatever weather, time or order.

“1 Hour Pizza Or Your Money Back”



Given without condition

by the sinner and sinned-against

to you. Take this moment.

Feel the warmth of another’s cheeks against your own

as an embrace, a welcome, a chance for atonement.

For you who was once distant and cold

are powerless to stop your own warmth

pouring out, unashamed, unconditionally giving

to the sinners and sinned-against

outside, waiting,

unaware of the gift they are about to receive;

this fleeting, intimate, fragile epiphany.

Yet the greatest of all is your gift before you leave

“Please Wash Your Hands”


Red light aardvark (for Leanne)

O Rosse Buurt Aardvark bristling under neon,

bored in latex waiting for custom.

Pig snouty, doe-eyed, unconventional beauty;

first on the list in the Pervert’s Dictionary.

Passing your window, then, in they come.

With formic acid on your whiplash tongue,

as studded hooves massage the venom

they confess “Oh yes, I’ve been so naughty

O Rosse Buurt Aardvark”.

Claws that could rip apart a mound

are stroking hairs on quivering abdomens.

Limp with fear, yet stiff simultaneously;

visceral but tender, muscular but furry;

they leave your arms, sure to return

O Rosse Buurt Aardvark.

Damian O’Vitch regularly performs at events and festivals in the South and elsewhere. He also collaborates with various writing projects and co-hosts spoken word events.
“Damian O’Vitch is like the 92’ Danish Euro Squad..but with poetry” – Elvis McGonagall.


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