Pleasure, by Hilary Willmott

Like finest Belgian truffles she rolls them around her lips,
delicacies to be savoured, rotund parcels of delight.
She lets her tongue caress their secrets, teasing herself,
tracing them with her lips, backwards and forwards.
She knows it’s wrong, there will be reprisals.
But it’s too late to stop – her need is overwhelming
and as she flicks her tongue, one pouch disappears
into her salivating mouth. Oblivious to the pained cries
for her to stop, she swallows. One satisfied canine.
One less piece of horse shit on the towpath.

Hilary has been writing since her schooldays many decades ago. She sees poetry as a companion who is much braver than she, taking her to places she wouldn’t dare venture on her own. She has been published by Templar Press, Spilling Cocoa over Martin Amis, Flarestack, Leaf and Velvet. She has also been shortlisted for national competitions. She lives by the river in the south west of England.


8 thoughts on “Pleasure, by Hilary Willmott

  1. Jackie Friel says

    An excellent poem. I particularly like the twist at the end. For a second I thought you’d observed me finishing off that huge box of chocolates over Christmas!

  2. Marylyn Buckley says

    Thankyou Hilary for brightness on a dull grey day! The poetic dialogue rolls beautifully from her mind and this one has a sudden, hilarious ending which one expects from Hilary.I have read this one several times and each one is like the sun coming out from behind a cloud.

  3. john Buckley says

    A well observed , richly described and sensual text, leading the reader gently towards the contextualising sentences of the humorous conclusion.

  4. Rosanne says

    I have to say I’m not much into poetry, but this poem had me on the edge of my seat! Who was having the truffles? Why weren’t they allowed to have them? It was a briliant ending! I also have to say that Hilary’s use of the English language was exquisite!


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