Grumpy Bumpy Poem, by Ed Poetastic

The sun too bright,
Toss away the clock,
These sheet are so tight,
My body feel like a rock,
A sound? Knock, knock, knock
Someone looking for a fight!!
The door!! Why is there so many locks!!
Mail, give me that! Forget being polite,
No Sir you can kiss my buttocks!
You enjoy that? Get out of my sight!!
Dumb stupid clock going tick tock,
I’m trying to eat with all my might,
What!! No tea or Coffee in stock,
This day is so crazy and not right,
Even my stove is refusing to ignite,
Puuufff, time to see boring sites,
It’s meh so what alright okay despite,
Why is the sky so bright, blue, and white?
Why is my jacket so little, stuffy, and tight?
Why are kids flying stupid droids and kites?
No more happy sappy activities in my hindsight
Being grumpy is my passion and birthright
I drink the bitter bad and toss away the delights
Seeing a peaceful moment spoils my appetite
I wish I can raindown thunderstorms with spite,
This sunshine, flowers, and butterflies really bites
I Love pure darkness then boring pale white
I love taking out the bulbs in everyone’s lights
I Love seeing fights, firefights, and bullfights
I love setting fireworks at the dead of midnight
Why am I so crabby, grouchy, and uptight?
why should I tell you? Have a grumpy night
By Ed Poetastic


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