Cabot Cove, by Jorge Leiva

Cabot Cove

I always wanted to be
Angela Lansbury
on Murder, she wrote.
Writing novels of mystery
in Cabot Cove.

During a book presentation
or visiting old friends,
when least expected,
someone will possibly die.
This is the life I’d like.

Police inspectors would hate me,
I will resolve what they can’t.
Getting ideas for new books
is enough reward.

The author of the crime
is always who you’d least suspect.
If this is something you don’t believe,
you could try asking her late husband.

Jorge Leiva is from South Spain and lived in Ireland for over eight years. Some of his work has appeared in A New Ulster, Skylight 47 Magazine, The Galway Advertiser, Drawn to the light press,, Dodging the Rain, 2 Meter Review, Spilling Cocoa over Martin Amis and The Waxed Lemon. In 2019 he was long listed in the Over the Edge New Writer of the Year competition.