Inside my Head, by Susan Lindsay

Inside My Head                                                                           

After Grayson Perry, Channel 4 


Under the skull

shaped to be my own,

smooth curves I’d love

to run my hands along

when gone –

I do love bone –


wild circuitry.

All my fingers tip

flashing right in;

impulses deployed 

for digital dance


the beat of my feet,

heat and my heart’s 

thump, thump

never missing a beat

flowing red, taking

oxygen from the rise

and fall of my chest

cleared blood, 

                           dear kidneys

thank-you, back for more

once it’s done servicing

the sorting house, my brain


and, still not mentioned –

fuel, taste, the process of waste.


I can see

not only through skin

that tree –

100 billion neurons

dendritic spines, soma –

deluged with light

ALL around perceived

to sort, prioritise

register, file

for recall 


through changing



speech central 

sound: sound-box – check Ö

language, words – check Ö

tone- check Ö

mouth shape – check Ö

sufficient breath – check Ö

speak….  AND listen,

more again,



in system central


who knows who,

what, is behind it

maybe the great

sky mother –


and monsters

God and the gods,

utopias, dystopias

vibrating paint box

clay, the earth

the moon and, yes,

the stars


my own rocket

control centre

blasts off 

in less than nanoseconds



grey matter matters

the gut’s great


under the skin,

who needs cylinders

I’ve got brain

the world


inside my head.




Susan Lindsay … a most compelling and unique voice in Irish poetry, Eamonn Wall, at her February 2022 Reading, University Missouri-St. Louis. Milling the Air (2018) is Susan’s third collection from Doire Press. Her work is published in journals, she has read at festivals and facilitates Conversations mediated by poetry. Blog:


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