My Son Teaches me How to Dress, by Jinny Fisher

My Son Teaches Me How to Dress

Last week, I staged a major wardrobe de-clutter,
expelling my dated clothes: velvet Biba frocks
flopped, sulking, in a heap; a purple boa
shed a turkeyful of feathers on the stairs.
Platform over-thighs, Mary Janes, and Uggs
trotted off to The Very Vintage Shop.

Last year, you bought sixty T-shirts at one go
from— all with geeky formulae
and puns. In astro-language I can’t speak
or type, they jokify your starry mind
and meme the passion of your working life:
a massive telescope, its sweeping audit of the skies.

I can play that game: an online jaunt to Zazzle
yields rainbow fabrics, wordy slogans in fancy fonts.
I stuff my basket—fifteen hoodies and twenty tees
should be enough to see me out: Grammar Ninja,
The Oxford Comma,
and Let’s Eat, Grandma.

Jinny Fisher lives in Glastonbury. She is published in numerous print and online magazines and has been successful in national and international competitions — including first runner-up in Prole Laureate 2020. In 2019, V. Press published her pamphlet The Escapologist. She is Principal Pusher of The Poetry Pram

Twitter: @MsJinnifer


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